Why Specialized Foreign Car Services?

Specialized Foreign Car Service has been providing trusted, expert automotive care since 1999. As a full service automotive and repair shop, we can help you with everything above and below the hood. And as an auto shop that specializes in foreign cars, particularly European and Asian vehicles, we provide diagnostics, repair, and maintenance on even the newest models of imported cars. We know that when it comes to working on foreign cars, the devil is in the details, and we’re proud to provide the latest in diagnostic and reparative technology, backed by technicians with extensive experience in the industry.

What are “foreign” car services?

A foreign car is a car that has specific parts or its entire body manufactured and assembled overseas. However, this definition varies depending on the company and its contracts with American manufacturing plants. (For example, Toyota vehicles are often manufactured on American soil, even though the company itself is based in Japan). Foreign vehicles aren’t just Audis and Porsches—they’re Hyundai hybrids and Nissan sedans. If you’re unsure whether or not your car qualifies as a “foreign” vehicle, give us a call—we can help you determine what services are needed for your specific automobile.

Brands we service:

Toyota ▪ Hyundai ▪ Honda ▪ Acura ▪ Nissan ▪ Audi ▪ Lexus ▪ BMW ▪ Mercedes Benz ▪ Volkswagen ▪ And more!

About Us

Specialized Foreign Car Service is owned and operated by a team of technicians with over 100 collective years of experience between them, and has been proudly serving the Rogue Valley since 1999. As a locally owned and operated shop, we’re motivated by a longtime investment in our community, and a genuine love for driving. We love what we do because of the people we serve, and because of this, our owners and technicians are hands-on at every point in the process, from under the hood diagnostics to answering questions from behind the counter.


“I can always count on Russ & Devin to make sure my car is in top running order. They remember me, my car, & what needs attention on it. I appreciate that, & that I can trust them. I always recommend them to my friends & family.”

– Debra Y | Central Point, OR
“I called this shop all prepared to tow in my car that wouldn’t start. First, they told me something simple to try myself, which ended up fixing my problem for FREE. That was just gracious, helpful, honest, unselfish service. Need I say more?!”

– Ryan W | Ashland, OR
“I always bring my cars in here because of the quality and speed of the work.”

– Jesse R | Eagle Point, OR